Sonja ter Heijden in the Media

There was a lot of interest in the media in Sonja since her breakthrough in the summer of 2011. Below Some publications, appeared in the media from 2011.

Website dedicates article to Sonja’s exhibition in De Porceleijne Fles (November 10th, 2015).

The website if then is now is a platform about the Dutch, Belgian and Europian cultural heritage and history.

Article in de Delftse Post of November 4th, 2015

Short impression of Sonja in her city of Delft: The Blue Secret.

The video appeared at October 9th, 2015 at

Video: Henk Schenkels
Productie: Auviworks.

Article in a regional door-to-door paper (Zuidwesterkrant)

Article about the exposition Sonja held in January 2013 in the Hofboerderij at Wateringen:
artikel ZuidwesterKrant

Article about Sonja at

On Issuu, the leading digital publishing platform delivering exceptional reading experiences of magazines, catalogs, and newspapers, a 4 pages long article was published about Sonja! (june 4th, 2012).


See Issuu (page 67-70): (subscription nescessary; after opening of the link, click in the article to magnify).

Sonja on local channel TV-West

Watch the video of Sonja on local channel TV West
(June 28, 2011 )

Article on the website “Delft on Sunday” of June 19, 2011

article Delft op Zondag

Sonja at Knevel & v.d. Brink

Watch the video of Sonja (June 10,  2011)

Article in Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad of June 10, 2011


Artikel in het AD

YT video by a follower

One of Sonja’s Twitter followers (Adrianomusica) made the
video clip below and composed and played the music for it!